TIP of the Week - Using Multipurpose Liquid Glue

I have a great tip that I've seen other Demonstrators use and thought I would share it with you. Many people don't want to use the Multipurpose Liquid Glue because they squeeze too much on and it oozes out of the side of their project.   

My tip is to squeeze some on a Silicone Craft Sheet and then use a sponge or paintbrush to add it to your piece. This is especially helpful when trying to adhere an intricate embellishment to your project.  

Tip - Multipurpose Liquid Glue Small.jpg

To clean your Silicone Craft Sheet, you just wait for the glue to dry and rub it off. You can wash your paint brush with a little soap and water. Give this a try, you may find this is your new go-to adhesive.