Product of the Week - Multipurpose Liquid Glue

One of my favorite adhesives is the Multipurpose Liquid Glue.  It's very strong and dries clear.  It has a fine tip (which is what I mostly use) and a broad tip.

The thing I like best is that you get a little time to get your pieces in just the right place before it dries. 

It's only $4.00 and goes a long way.

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 3.43.38 PM.png

These are some of the ways I like to use the Multipurpose Liquid Glue:

  • It's strong enough to hold boxes and bags together.

  • Great for embossed layers because it goes into all the nooks and crannies whether you use the embossed or debossed side of your piece. 

  • Holds Burlap or heavier ribbon in place. 

  • Simple for adhering sequins to your piece, just put a tiny drop where you want your sequin and then place it on top. 

  • Great for rough surfaces like Glimmer Paper. 

Check in tomorrow for some tips on using this adhesive.