Ink Pad Case Redesign

Stampin' Up! redesigned it's Ink Pads and I wanted to show you what they look like and answer some questions that you may have. 

New In Colors.jpg

Here's the old case on the left and the new case on the right for a side by side comparison.  The new case is a little shorter and see those little dents in each corner?  They are there so they can stack on top of each other.

Ink Pad Side by Side.jpg

Here's last year's In Colors stacked up on the left next to this year's In Colors stacked on the right.  They stack so nicely together and are much neater than they used to be. They take up less room too!

In Color - Side by Side.jpg

Why did we change the case?

The case’s manufacturing mold was about to expire. We can only use a mold a limited number of times before we need to replace it, so we had to decide if we wanted to order more of the same molds or try to improve the design. We chose to improve it!

What's better about the case?

  • It's less confusing to open. Opening the new ink pad case is now more simple and intuitive—just insert your thumb in the “lip” at the front of the case and lift it to open.

  • They have a tighter fit between the lid and the base. With the new design, the lid doesn’t accidentally become disconnected which was a common problem with the old case style. With use, the lid will be easier to slide open and close.

  • They're stackable. The ability to stack the cases makes them easier to store and transport. We designed a nub in each bottom corner that fits nicely into the “dimple” on the top of another case.

  • There's improved labels and stickers. Here are a few of the ways we’ve done that:

    • We’ve redesigned the front label with a cleaner, bolder design and larger color swatch, making it easier to see the ink’s color.

    • We’ve included a new In Color icon.

    • We’re continuing to provide color stickers that you can place on the end of each case to easily identify the ink’s color at a glance.

    • We’re providing a new color sticker you can place on the inside of the pad, so your customers can easily distinguish the ink’s color when the case is open.

Is the ink different?

  • Since we were improving the case we decided to make improvements to the ink as well!

    We added defoamer to the ink ingredients because we noticed that our old ink would sometimes bubble (especially on new pads and with lighter colors). When this happened, the ink wasn’t as even and smooth when stamped as we’d like to see it.

    The added defoamer will:

• Reduce ink bubbles
• Help you get an even coating of ink on the stamp
• Help the stamped image have a smoother, solid look

Another change we made is that Archival ink will no longer be part of our ink offering. Basic Gray will now be offered in Classic ink. Your best options for black ink are the Tuxedo Black Memento Pad and the Jet Black StāzOn Pad.

Do you see that the colors I'm showing are all the new In Colors?  Aren't they beautiful.  Which one is your new favorite?  Lovely Lipstick, Blueberry Bushel, Call Me Clover, Grapefruit Grove or Pineapple Punch? 

New In Colors2.jpg